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The Ultimate Q&A and Polling Platform for Company Meetings and Events

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Perfect for high-performing teams as well as top events

Crowdsource the best questions from your audience

Let your participants ask questions from any device
and vote for the ones they like the most.

Use cases: All-hands, Conferences, Remote meetings

Crowdsource the best questions from your audience

Engage your audience with Live Polls

Ask your audience their opinion and
display the results in real-time.

Use cases: Conferences, Training sessions, Strategy meetings

Your audience can participate in live polls using our app

Run effective
brainstorming sessions

Capture the best ideas from your team members on anything from your company strategy to the agenda for your next offsite.

Use cases: Team meetings, Roundtable discussions, Workshops

Run effective brainstorming sessions

Gain valuable insights
with event analytics

Meet your most influential participants and discover
which topics resonated the most with your audience

Let audience ask questions through our app

Make your event experience seamless
with our integrations

Easily integrate Slido with other platforms to enhance the engagement of your event or meeting

Thousands of satisfied customers

We are honored to work with some of the
most innovative and inspiring companies.

Our clients' stories

We got great questions from such a wide range of guests, and a real buzz of interactivity. So often people’s great questions go unasked or unanswered. Slido gives power to a great question no matter who asked it – it’s a great platform not just for quality, but for equality.
Paul Morrish
Paul Morrish
Chief Executive at LandAid Charitable Trust Limited
We had such a great experience this past March. Slido is a win-win in that it provides a more unique and engaging environment for the attendees, as well as those real-time statistics and feedback that all event organizers crave.
Greg Rosenbaum
Greg Rosenbaum
Producer, SXSWedu
Slido is a must have if you want to increase audience participation at your events! From a back end perspective, it was a delight to use. I will definitely be using Slido at all my events from now on!
Hannah Leonard
Hannah Leonard
Conference Producer, Incisive Media
We wondered how to make an already great conference even better. Slido gave us the answer and helped us move it to a completely new level.
Eva Baskova
Eva Baskova
Marketing Director, Fleming.
The level of interaction was amazing, Slido went down a storm. The flexibility of the system allowed us to create new polls in real-time and engage the participants on another level. Everyone had only positive words.
Hugh Torpey
Hugh Torpey
Marketing and Communication Manager, MCI Dublin
Winners of
Eventex Award, Connect Award, Fresh 2014, ETA and Conference Award 2016

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