Coming soon Slido for Webex

Live polling for Webex

Engage your team with polls, quizzes and Q&A directly in Webex Meetings. Slido will soon join Webex as a rich built-in polling tool.

A man happy to see that the team positively voted for his initiative via Slido in Webex meeting.
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New ways to interact
with your team

Say goodbye to broadcast-style meetings. Slido for Webex is here to keep your participants engaged, hear their opinions and make everyone feel connected.

Choose from a wide range of polls

Get quick answers with a multiple choice poll or collect more insights from a beautiful word cloud.

A woman is using Slido polls directly from Webex meeting.

Capture and show the results live

Your participants can vote and see the results directly in Webex, in real-time.

A woman with a dog is happy to see Toronto in Slido wordcloud integrated directly in Webex meeting.

Manage everything from your Webex app

As a host, you can activate polls and moderate Q&A directly from your Webex meeting.

A man is marking Slido question as answered directly in Webex meeting.

What you can do with Slido

Run inclusive Q&As

Let everyone submit and upvote the questions for the Q&A session.

Get everyone on the same page

Make sure you’re all aligned by doing quick pulse checks during your meeting.

Test knowledge in quizzes

Host a fun trivia or turn your business updates into an interactive quiz to improve retention.

Get instant feedback

Find out how people felt about your meeting by running a short survey at the end.

Make your training effective

Make people part of their learning by giving them quiz questions or creative exercises.

Collect people’s ideas

Collect and curate the best ideas together with your team.

Make your Webex meetings more interactive with Slido.

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