How Asana Made Its Roadshow Fun and Interactive with Slido

How Asana Made Its Roadshow Fun and Interactive with Slido.
Having Slido as part of our toolbox really helps us get the most value out of the events that we’re putting on. It makes it more fun and enjoyable for attendees.
Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community, Asana

Asana develops project management tools that empower teams to achieve their goals. To connect with its customers, their team set off on their first-ever global roadshow.

It was our first series of field events where we had the opportunity to meet our customers, explained Josh Zerkel, Head of Global Community, Asana. In each city, we hosted a panel on teamwork and productivity with hands-on workshops.

The team’s priority was to make the events engaging and fun. Since collaboration is in Asana’s DNA, they wanted to translate its brand identity into the roadshow.

To achieve this, they leveraged Slido to create a real-time conversation between the attendees and speakers. As a result, the attendees were more involved in the discussion and found it easier to connect with the brand. Get inspired by Asana’s story.

Making roadshows more interactive

Asana's ultimate goal was to deliver memorable events that stimulated interaction in the room. I was looking for ways to make our events enjoyable, to make them stand out, elaborated Josh.

The roadshow was a unique opportunity for Asana to hear about its clients’ challenges first hand and understand their needs better.

People came to hear tips for using our tool in their teams. To help them learn, I wanted to give every participant an opportunity to engage with the speakers and with each other, noted Josh. That’s where Slido came into play.

Creating a connection with the attendees

To help people relate to the brand, Josh kicked off each event with a fun Asana-specific Slido poll. We wanted to make the events feel more Asana and make people feel connected to us. The polls helped us to achieve that.

The poll asked the participants which ‘fantasy creature’ they would be: Yeti, Unicorn, Phoenix or Narwhal? These are Asana’s brand mascots that help their users celebrate completed tasks when using the tool. The attendees recognized them immediately.

Asana uses Slido polls.

Having icebreaker polls at the start got people thinking, naturally sparking conversation. This was a great way to insert some fun into the event, continued Josh. It helped Asana bring their brand spirit into the room and create a sense of community.

Giving each participant a voice

During the panel, Josh used Slido to collect people’s questions, displaying them live on the presentation screens. People submitted them using their mobile devices and upvoted their favorite ones. It helped Josh create real-time dialogue with the audience.

What I really like about Slido is that even shy people who would never raise their hand to ask a question found a way to participate.
Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community, Asana

To make it more personal, Josh requested every attendee to put his or her name to the questions. As he explained, I wanted people to feel like even though they are not asking the question with their voice, it's still them. Slido helped us to achieve this.

Asana uses Slido questions.

At the end of each event, Josh collected feedback with a Slido survey. We asked people: Was it fun and engaging? Was it worth your time? The vast majority said they liked the event and really enjoyed using Slido as part of it, noted Josh.

The result: Events brimming with interaction

By creating real-time dialogue in the room, Asana strengthened the bond with its users, making the experience fun and enjoyable for both speakers and attendees.

With Slido, people were able to interact with us in a variety of ways. That’s where I see its biggest value.
Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community, Asana

The Asana team used Slido to give all the participants equal opportunity to interact with the speakers in various ways during their roadshow events.

I would definitely recommend Slido to any event organizer who's looking to increase audience engagement and get the most value out of their event, concluded Josh.

Top 3 benefits of using Slido

1. Increased engagement

Getting engagement from the audience is the goal of any event series. That’s where I see the biggest value of Slido.

2. Ease of use

It’s easy to use and manage. I’m excited about Slido because it’s simple, and simple can be really effective when executed well.

3. Fun for the attendees

Slido is a great way to insert fun into the event. The attendees really enjoyed it.

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