Slido for Microsoft Teams

Bring more interaction into your Teams meetings with live polls, quizzes and Q&A.

Slido for Microsoft Teams. Play video.

Meet and interact in the same place

Let your team ask questions, vote in polls or take part in quizzes without leaving your Teams meeting.

A man is using Microsoft Teams Meeting with Slido integration to find out whether his colleagues are aligned with the company strategy for the next year during All Hands Meeting.

Manage Q&A and polls from your meeting

As a host, you can moderate Q&A and activate polls directly from your meeting window.

Microsoft Teams Meeting host is managing Slido Q&A directly from the meeting window.

How it works

1. Edit your existing meeting

Schedule a meeting with at least one participant and add Slido via the + button.

2. Select your Slido session

You can create a new Slido session or use an existing one.

3. Manage Slido live

You can manage the Q&A and activate polls straight from the side panel.

What you can do with Slido

Run inclusive town halls

Let everyone submit and upvote the questions for the leadership Q&A.

Get everyone on the same page

Make sure you’re all aligned by doing quick pulse checks during your meeting.

Refresh your weekly catch‑ups

Host a fun quiz with your teammates to get to know each other better.

Collect instant feedback

Find out how people felt about your meeting by running a short survey at the end.

Make your training effective

Make people part of their learning by giving them quiz questions or creative exercises.

Brainstorm in real-time

Collect and curate the best ideas together with your team.

Make your Teams meetings more interactive with Slido.

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