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Technology Startup · Reinforce Learning

As this technology startup is growing, they found it necessary to reassess the roles of their team. It was a big change for the teams involved and they needed to ensure it had been understood correctly.


This technology startup’s customer support team had been handling everything but as their business grew, they needed to introduce new roles to split up the responsibilities. This created a new problem: how to handle inquiries was no longer black and white.

To ensure everyone was on the same page with the new responsibilities, they created polls from real inquiries. They described each case and then activated a poll with three different responses. The correct answer was shared and the group discussed why it should be this way.


As a result, the new roles were much clearer for everyone involved, making it easier to make a quick decision. This allowed the company to serve their customers better and for their employees to work more efficiently.

Features used

Polls Switcher

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