Engage everyone by giving them a voice

Large US Corporation · Transparent Culture

This large corporation has thousands of employees spread over a number of locations. All-hands meetings are a critical tool for them to involve their employees in the conversation and keep everyone on the same page.


In the invite for their all-hands meeting, this large US corporation included their Slido permanent link so people could start asking questions straightaway or if they couldn’t attend the meeting.

During their one hour session, 30 minutes was dedicated to Q&A with questions coming from the audience, by telephone and through Slido. As they couldn’t possibly address all 210 questions they received, they prepared a post-event report of the unanswered questions in order to show appreciation for their employees’ contributions.


As a result, they gained valuable insight into the minds of their employees and finally had a way to unite everyone regardless of if they were in the room. What’s more, the organizers didn’t shy away from approving even the most difficult questions and by doing so, established a culture of trust and transparency.

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