Find and acknowledge your silent heroes

Large financial institution · Company meetings

A large financial institution, with over 10,000 employees, found a way to say thank you to those team members whose work isn’t instantly visible but the impact is significant.


When this company on the US East Coast wanted to improve morale within their teams, they used a word cloud poll to acknowledge their most valuable employees.

By asking “Who was your silent hero this month?” they crowdsourced from their employees the names of those who had the biggest impact on the team. Using the word cloud feature made it easy to see the names that stand out.


As a result, the wider team felt recognized and it increased morale amongst everyone. For the management, they were able to easily identify those working hard behind the scenes to support their colleagues.

Pro tips

  1. Hide the results until the answers are in to prevent people from being influenced by each other.
  2. Agree on a unified format of the names to ensure successful outcome of the activity.

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