Slido for Zoom

Keep your participants engaged with live polls, quizzes and Q&A directly in your Zoom Meetings.

A team using Slido integration in Zoom meeting.

Meet and interact in one place

Slido is the easiest way to collect feedback, host quizzes and run effective Q&A - all without leaving Zoom.

A woman is using Slido polls directly from Zoom meeting.

Manage everything from your meeting

As a host, you can create polls and moderate Q&A directly from your meeting window.

Zoom meeting host is managing Slido Q&A directly in the meeting window.

How it works

What you can do with Slido

Run inclusive Q&As

Let everyone submit and upvote the questions for the Q&A session.

Get everyone on the same page

Make sure you’re all aligned by doing quick pulse checks during your meeting.

Host a friendly competition

Turn your content or business updates into a fun quiz to improve retention.

Collect instant feedback

Find out how people felt about your meeting by running a short survey at the end.

Make your training effective

Make people part of their learning by giving them quiz questions or creative exercises.

Brainstorm in real-time

Collect and curate the best ideas together with your team.

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Slido integrated directly into Zoom meeting.