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Powering Interaction with 70,000 Attendees at Websummit.

Powering Interaction with 70,000 Attendees

Over 500,000 events made
more interactive

Crowdsourcing Audience Questions for Speaker's Q&A at Festival of Marketing.

Crowdsourcing Audience Questions for Speaker's Q&A

Improving the Efficiency of Company Meetings at Martinus.

Improving the Efficiency of Company Meetings

London Ambulance Service

Facilitating staff roadshows effectively with Slido

What our customers say

“Slido is the world leader in event experience management. If you’re hosting an event and not using Slido you’re crazy. Slido drives high quality engagement unlike any other in the largest and smallest event experiences.”

Derek Andersen. Derek Andersen
Founder and CEO

“Slido is my secret weapon. It helps us keep the feeling of accessibility and transparency alive, even as we’ve grown to a global, 2800+ employee company.”

Hannah Lawrence. Hannah Lawrence
Senior IC Manager

“In one word: Awesome. We had 30 active participants of all ages in the room and never before it was so easy and fun to get honest feedback we can really build on.”

Pedro Miguel Ahlers. Pedro Miguel Ahlers
CX Business Architect

“Slido is an essential part of any event I produce. I love that it provides more efficient Q&A by encouraging clear, concise questions and democratizing the conversation.”

Morgan Catalina. Morgan Catalina
Creative Producer

“Using Slido was incredibly helpful. We received hundreds of questions and poll results and sorting through this data has made my life so much easier than having to sort through paper-based surveys.”

Helen Jeisman. Helen Jeisman
Projects Support

“At Transport for London, we use Slido to virtually bring together and engage with our employees across London, enabling them to give real time feedback or take part in polls during meetings and events.”

James Mountford. James Mountford
Digital Communications Manager

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