Slido integrations

Create a seamless experience for your audience
with Slido integrations

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Slido Switcher icon Switcher

Integrate Slido with
your presentation

Whether you use Powerpoint, Keynote or Prezi, our Switcher app allows you to seamlessly switch between your slides and Slido.

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Live video

Put Slido next to your
live video

Embed live video and Slido side by side on your website
or place the live stream directly into Slido.

Supported partners: Livestream, Ustream, YouTube & Vimeo

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Slido Switcher icon Slack

Crowdsource questions from Slack

Create new Slido events directly in Slack and easily
share them with your colleagues.

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Crowdsource questions from Slack

Slido Switcher icon Twitter

Display live tweets
at your event

Boost your social media engagement by displaying
tweets with your event #hashtag live on screen.

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Event apps

Add Slido into your
mobile app

Let your participants join the conversation straight from
your official event app.

Selected partners: DoubleDutch, Guidebook, Eventbase,
Attendify & CrowdCompass

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Let's make your next event
more interactive.