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Live polling and Q&A for Teams

Bring more interaction into your Teams meetings with Slido’s free live polls, quizzes and Q&A.

Slido for Microsoft Teams. Play video.

What users said about Slido

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Run more effective
Teams meetings

Slido is an easy-to-use polling app for Microsoft Teams that will help you engage your
colleagues, hear their feedback and make everyone feel connected.

Create polls in advance

You can choose from 5 types of polls, quizzes, Q&A and ideas. Whether you want to
get feedback, collect questions or check knowledge, we’ve got you covered.

Manage polls and Q&A from your meeting

As a host, you can activate polls and moderate Q&A directly from your meeting window.

Microsoft Teams Meeting host is managing Slido Q&A directly from the meeting window.

No installs for your participants

Your participants can vote and ask questions straight away, no need to install anything.

A man is using Microsoft Teams Meeting with Slido integration to find out whether his colleagues are aligned with the company strategy for the next year during All Hands Meeting.

Get started in 3 steps

1. Edit your existing meeting

Schedule a meeting with at least one participant and add Slido via the + button.

2. Select your Slido session

You can create a new Slido session or use an existing one.

3. Manage Slido live

You can manage the Q&A and activate polls straight from the side panel.

What our customers say

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What you can do with Slido

Run inclusive Q&As

Let everyone submit and upvote the questions for the leadership Q&A session.

Get everyone on the same page

Make sure you’re all aligned by doing quick pulse checks during your meeting.

Test knowledge in quizzes

Host a fun trivia or check people’s knowledge in an interactive quiz.

Collect instant feedback

Find out how people felt about your meeting by running a short survey at the end.

Make your training effective

Make people part of their learning by giving them quiz questions or creative exercises.

Brainstorm in real-time

Collect and curate the best ideas together with your team.

Make your Teams meetings more interactive with Slido.

Add to Teams
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Frequently asked questions

I can’t see the + button to add the Slido app, what should I do?

Make sure at least one participant is invited to your meeting. Once done, go to Edit the meeting and you should see the + button. If it’s not there, please make sure you have enabled Turn on new meetings experience under Microsoft Teams Settings → General.

Will external users see the Slido app when they join a Teams Meeting?

Currently, only members of your organization can see meeting apps such as Slido in a Teams Meeting. We would like to enable this for external users in the future, once Microsoft enables it.

Does the integration work with Teams Live Events?

Our integration currently works only with Teams Meetings. We’d like to offer it for Live Events in the future, once Microsoft enables it.

Does the Teams app work hand in hand with Slido’s PowerPoint add-in?

Yes, it does as long as you use the same Slido session in both PowerPoint and Teams. The “Share content” feature during the call doesn’t work so you will need to share screen or the application window of PowerPoint.

Does the integration work in a web browser?

No, the integration is currently available only in the Microsoft Teams desktop app. However, adding Slido to a Teams channel works in a browser.

I can’t see the Slido app in Teams, what’s the problem?

There might be some internal restrictions in place. Please contact your IT department to get the Slido app whitelisted.