Q&A Platform for Live Events

Why is sli.do better than a mic?



Give voice to 3/4 of your audience that would otherwise not ask their questions in public.



Let the audience decide the best questions, while staying in control with easy moderation.



Gain deeper understanding about your audience by capturing all of the questions.

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See how you can use sli.do

  • Panel discussions

    Make panels the highlight of your event. Get your audience engaged by giving everyone an equal chance to ask a question. Get rid of boring questions by letting the audience decide which questions they care about.
  • Marketing events

    Make your marketing events more engaging while collecting valuable leads in the process. Use smart polls to gain valuable insights about your audience and match specific people with their responses.
  • sli.do for Prezi

    Energize your audience with live polls and questions straight from Prezi. Seamless integration allows you to enliven your speech without disruption and make your participants an active part of the presentation.
  • Long presentations

    Change the dynamics of your presentation with live polls. Transform your audience from passive observers into active participants and help them remember the key facts. Funny polls work great as well!
  • Pitch competitions

    Leverage the potential of your audience during pitch competitions. Let participants give valuable feedback to the pitching teams and help the teams identify potential users, team mates or investors among the audience. And it’s more fun too!
  • Questions & Answers

    Make a smooth transition between presentations and Q&A. Avoid the awkward silence as you wait for the first question from the audience. Let participants send their questions in real-time and have a stack of great questions ready when the Q&A starts.
  • Staff meetings

    Uncover questions that no one would dare to ask in person and address issues that your employees really care about. Stimulate an open discussion, but stay in control of what appears live with effective moderation.

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