Live video

Involve your remote participants in the conversation

Slido Live video.

One platform for on-site and remote participants

Give each participant the same chance to participate, no matter whether they are in the room or watching online.

One platform that works on any web enabled device.

Easily Integrate Slido with your live video

Embed Slido into your own website next to your live video or insert your livestream embed code directly into Slido.

Slido can embedded into a website or you can embed your livestream directly into Slido.

Protect your event with passcode or SSO

Require each participant to enter a simple passcode or authenticate via your company SSO solution before joining your event.

Passcode or SSO can secure your event.

Turbocharge your meetings with the Mevo camera

Livestreaming your meeting has just become so easy that there is no excuse not to livestream your next event.

Learn more about Mevo
Compact, but powerful Mevo camera.

Discover Core Slido Features


Crowdsource the best questions from your audience.

Live polls

Engage your audience with real-time polls.


Gain valuable insights about your audience.

Let's make your next event
more interactive.