Live polls

Engage your audience with live polls

Play video
Display live polls to your audience

Collect real-time insights
about your audience

Ask your participants their opinion and let
them vote instantly from any device.

Let your audience vote instantly from any device

Share the results live
with your audience

Find out who they are or what they think
and display the results live on screen.

Share the results live with your audience

Choose the poll type that most suits your needs

Run a quick multiple-choice poll or capture the insights
with a stunning word cloud poll

Wordcloud type poll

Create a new poll in
a few seconds

Prepare your polls in advance or create new
ones on the fly.

Multiple choice, open text and rating polls

3 easy steps for your audience to join in

Open any browser

Open browser

Go to

Go to

Enter event code

Enter event code

Advanced features

Let the audience see your sponsor's logo while using Slido


Let participants vote on
multiple polls at once.

Get feedback from your audienc easily


Organize your polls
into sessions.

Ready to be used in multiple rooms at the same time

Multiple rooms

Use Slido in multiple rooms
at the same time.

Watch how it works

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Let's make your next event
more interactive.