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All-hands Meetings

Increase employee participation in your all-hands meetings. Get feedback on business updates and enable employees to submit and upvote their questions for all-hands Q&A with leadership. If you have a distributed team, your remote employees can easily participate too.

All-hands Meetings

How can you do this?

  1. Share your event’s permanent link to collect questions before the meeting
  2. In the meeting, introduce Slido, ask both onsite and remote participants to go to and enter the event code
  3. Ask attendees to submit their questions and upvote the questions of others
  4. If you have a poll ready, activate it and ask the team to send their votes


  • Attach your event’s permanent link to the calendar invite so remote participants can join with a single click on their computer.
  • Appoint a dedicated moderator who will interact with your onsite and online participants throughout the meeting.

Poll Question:



Multiple choice:

  • Which story is [name] lying about?

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